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The Magnus Archives

An Oath, Until The End (8,118 words): The obligatory post-159 cottage fic. Five times Jon makes Martin a promise, and one time he keeps it.

Promises of Sanctuary (11,361 words): Martin gets accustomed to reciprocation; a sequel to An Oath, Until The End.

Hold Tight, Fear Not, And We’ll See Through This Night (70,028 words): Post-S4 canon divergence. What if earning a happy ending was still possible? Fic tag here (link)

In Warm Water, Swimming Down (6,247 words): Georgie/Melanie flash fic collection (12 in total). All fics are under 1k and take place during season 4.

One Beat of a Butterfly’s Wings (2,694 words): What if things had gone just a little differently when Jon got that shipment of statements in episode 160?

Corporeal Phenomena (2,316 words): Martin, Jon, and assorted thoughts on the nature of love.

Kith and Kin, Hearth and Home (21,379 words): After being rebuffed, Jon quits alone and winds up back in a coma. Martin and Daisy keep finding each other at his bedside while they wait for him to wake. Series tag here (link)

All Alone and A-Lowly (2,461 words): A brief interactive response to episode 170. Can be accessed directly here: (link).

Indirect Embraces (1,401 words): Daisy keeps asking Martin to hug Jon. Martin’s not sure why. (Not that he’s complaining, of course!)

Anatheosis (5,984 words): Basira isn’t having second thoughts about turning down a certain promotion. Definitely not. It’s just that it’s not always easy to be sure that she’s making the right decision.

Leagues Apart (6,584 words): Georgie is out of Jon’s league. He doesn’t quite know what that means, but everyone else seems to agree, so it must be true.

Out Of The Wind, In From The Cold (7,601 words): Jon thinks that Martin doesn’t love him. Martin thinks that Jon doesn’t love him. They do not, of course, discuss this. Unrequited love is already awkward enough, right? No need to dwell on it.


All Manner of Thing (962 words): Magnus Archives x Fallen London. A certain Archivist Seeks the Name.